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Olivia Back
5 Tips to Make Working at Home More Productive

Many of us have recently transitioned to the work-from-home lifestyle. This..

Olivia Back
Tenant Resources for Rental Assistance During COVID-19

With Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading rapidly across the country, we know..

Olivia Back
Top Reasons Owners Fire Their Property Managers

Hiring a property manager can be a great thing for your property. It allows..

Olivia Back
Tips for Preventive Maintenance Walkthroughs for Your Rental Property

When you rent out your property, you want to make sure that it’s being taken..

Olivia Back
How to Write a Great Rental Listing

Getting your property rented quickly is crucial to securing good tenants and..

Olivia Back
How to Think Like an Investor

If you’re an accidental landlord, it might be hard to view yourself as a..

Olivia Back
Tips for Tenants: How to Take Care of Your Rental

Being a great tenant is beneficial for both you and your landlord. Taking..

Olivia Back
Houses vs. Condos: What Are the Pros & Cons?

So you’ve decided to purchase your first property. The first decision you’ll..

Olivia Back
How to Set the Best Rental Price for Your Property

Setting the best price for your rental property is crucial to getting your..

Olivia Back
5 California Laws for 2020 That All Landlords Need to Know

With all the new laws going into effect this year, it can be a challenge to..

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