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By Steve Welty

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Previous Issues of The Housing Heroes

  • Why Are You Renting Your Property?Steve Welty Issue# 7 July 2024 Why are you renting your property? Some have reasons like: Market Conditions: “I don’t think it’s a good time to sell.” Future Plans: “I might want to live there down the road.” Experimentation: “I want to try it out and see if it makes sense.” Some have a Purpose Legacy: “I want to leave my kids something meaningful.” Passive Income: “I want to own assets that don’t require my brain.” Community Contribution: “I want to build equity and cash flow and provide...Read More
  • Why I Do What I Do: Advocating for Balanced Housing PoliciesSteve Welty Issue# 6 July 2024 If you follow me on social media, you’ve likely noticed my increased activity around rental housing politics and policy. Since 2019, tenant protections and rent control have surged across the state, impacting areas like San Diego and Orange County. This wave of regulation has turned me from a passive observer to an active advocate for our community of housing providers and renters. The Tipping Point: AB-2216 For the past few years, I’ve been a “casual...Read More
  • Important Legal Updates for California Landlords: Security Deposits & Rent IncreasesSteve Welty Issue# 5 July 2024 Happy Saturday! I want to keep you informed about two significant legal updates impacting rental property in California, effective July/August of this year. Assembly Bill 12: Security Deposit Cap Effective Date: July 1st, 2024 Key Details: Security Deposit Cap: This new law caps security deposits at one month’s rent. Exclusions: Small landlords who own no more than two properties, with a maximum of four units, are exempt from the provisions of AB 12. My Take: I...Read More
  • The Value Triangle: Why Repairs Cost What They DoNobody enjoys overpaying for repairs. But determining what "too much" means can be tricky since value is subjective.Read More
  • SB 602 Explained: Protect Your Property from SquattersEver wondered why the topic of squatter rights keeps trending in rental property discussions?Read More
  • It's time to face some hard truths...Since 2020, our industry has been faced with eviction bans, new rent control laws, and a wave of legislation chipping away at our rights as property oRead More
  • You are a Housing HeroThe term landlord is outdated. In fact, I looked it up and it comes from 11th century England during the feudal system.Read More