At Good Life Property Management, we know you own real estate so it can grow in value and help you achieve your financial goals. In order to do that, you need a San Diego property management company who takes good care of your home and your tenants.The problem is finding a company you can trust.

Our mission is to make owning rental property easy.

Renting your property shouldn't be a hassle. It should give you a greater abundance of time, money, and energy. We’ve developed a team of A-Players who have made this a reality for over 1,000 San Diego property owners.

We can do the same for you.

How we make San Diego property management easy (6)
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Client Success Stories


Susan Johnson

"The Goodlife Property Management, Inc. team proved excellent knowledge, expertise and timely in every facet of management. I gained confidence that answers, solutions, and record keeping would be supplied as needed consistently and comprehensively by Goodlife. I highly recommend them as a conscientious and skillful management team."


Michael Peteroy

"I own two rental homes. One is managed by Good Life, the other by someone else. Good Life has exceeded all expectations and has pleased me every step of the way. The other company, just a series of disappointments. As soon as possible I'll have Good Life managing both places!"


Vera Bennett

"Good Life has managed our rental properties in San Diego County for over five years and we couldn't be happier. We began using them when we bought our first rental and we were not living in the area. We needed someone we could trust and who would look after our interests while ensuring that our tenants were content. Good Life staff are always communicative and go out of their way to make sure the properties are well maintained and our tenants are happy. We have never had a tenant complaint. Whenever there is an issue to be addressed they are on top of it. The keep us informed, are always responsive if we have questions, and their owner portal makes it easy for us to check documents and financials. We would recommend Good Life to anyone who needs a superior property manager."


Jonathan Whelan

"I worked with Good Life Property Management for about 8 years, while I lived distant from my rental property. I cannot recommend them highly enough.  Communications were quick and clear, and there were never questionable surprises. All aspects of managing my rental were completed professionally, efficiently, affordably, and with a minimum of hassle--the key traits for any property management company. In 8 years, I had ZERO issues in getting the unit rented, in collecting deposits and rent, in receiving my disbursements, in getting tax documents, in getting the unit cleaned or repaired, in dealing with problematic tenants, or with anything! Just recently, I stopped service with Good Life, but only because I sold the condo--using Good Life's Realty division, which was just as effective, affordable, friendly, and responsive as the Property Management team. For anyone seeking a good Property Management or Realty team in San Diego, there is really no better option (not even close) than Good Life. Highly, highly, highly recommended."


Handle Pierre

"Adam and Brent were amazing from start to finish. This was my first time renting a property and they made it extremely easy, especially for me and my wife. Their staff is friendly and will help you with any questions that you comes up with because they are very knowledgeable on renting properties. I never felt pressured in any way and they walked me through every step of the way. They have my strongest recommendation for anyone trying to lease their property. Thanks again guys this was the least I can do." 


Brian Roberts

"I just went through the process of turning over my condo unit and leasing it out. Good Life has done a bang-up job. Communication has been frequent and consistent. The owner's portal allows me to access documents, statements, and payments online. The listing was well-written with good pictures. And turnover work was done quickly and with a good amount of hand-holding, as this was the first time I've turned over the unit to make it a rental. I would recommend this service to anyone." (4)

Brandon Martin

"I utilized GLP for my rental property management for two years and then used their agent to sale my rental. Every step of the way GLP went beyond anything I have experienced with either HOA's as a renter or the two other rental agencies I've used for my other rental properties. What a great company to do business with, they have professionalism embedded in every layer of their organization. If I'm ever in the SD real estate market again, I'll certainly be calling them back. Thanks for the stellar experience!"


Yao Song

"I worked with Goodlife Property Management on renting out my property. Overall I had a very good experience working with Goodlife. Adam and Brent did excellent analysis and suggested reasonable rent and ensured my property gets rented within a week after starting advertisement. My property manager Brent is very nice and does an excellent job in rent ready project and advertisement. Before starting our rent-ready project he came to my house and check everything carefully. During the project he coordinated everything efficiently and - with reasonable price. Everything is done in 1.5 week and my home is ready for advertisement!
Advertisement is also fantastic. Brent took very nice photos, and his advertisement is easy to read, showing the good part of my house in a clear way.
I would definitely suggest Goodlife for property management!"


Roy Nguyen

"Your search for a property management company is now over because you've found Good Life Property Management! I churned through thousands of reviews for every property management company in SoCal I could find and happened upon Good Life. This was the only company I found with consistent 5-star reviews from both owners and renters as well as people who were just looking and had a great experience. I worked with Bryce, Natalia, Grace, and Adam who were all excellent at their jobs. I never had to worry about my home in San Diego because at every turn they made sound judgements, and gave exceptional advice when an owner's approval was needed. After living and working in San Diego for several years, it's extremely rare to find a full team there that is so customer service oriented and takes pride in their work. Superb company, smart people, personable owner, highly recommend."


Kevin Ings

"Been working with the GoodLife team for a little over a year. Very responsive, transparent, and helpful team. Adam, Natalia, Bryce, and Grace have all been awesome to work with and would recommend them to anyone. Well worth it knowing these guys have every detail taken care of, but are also open to my ideas and suggestions."


Michael Stewart

Technically A Director

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San Diego is

America’s finest city.

- People from San Diego

San Diego, has often been referred to as “America’s finest city.’ We agree wholeheartedly. The bustling city of San Diego is home to 1.4 million people. Roughly 45% of that are renters! San Diego’s desirable location--two hours from LA, 18 miles from the US-Mexico border, and perfect weather make it a popular place to live. 

San Diego’s largest industries include defense/military, tourism, international trade, and manufacturing. The military bases bring in an abundance of young couples and families. Large companies like Illumina, General Atomics, and Qualcomm employ much of the workforce as well. San Diego also ranks high in terms of quality of life. The beautiful weather, low unemployment rate, and average annual salary all contribute to this.

San Diego is home to some of the best beaches in the state. In North County, you’ll find cute beach towns like Carlsbad and Encinitas. These are walkable areas with nice beaches to enjoy on a summer day. Further south, you’ll hit La Jolla Shores, Pacific Beach, and Mission Beach. Mission Beach is a hot spot for tourists and is home to Belmont Park. 

San Diego is also great for hiking. There are trails all over the county that range from easily walkable to more strenuous. For an easy stroll with the family, check out Torrey Pines or Los Penasquitos Canyon. Once you’re ready for something more challenging, Iron Mountain in Poway is a great one--be sure to wear sunscreen as there is little to no shade! 



San Diego unemployment current sits at around 3.2%

The National average is around 5.8%



San Diego annual salaries average $58,000

The National average is around $31,133

Owning a rental property in San Diego is profitable, stable and smart.

Owning a rental property in San Diego is an incredible investment. San Diego is a wonderful place to live and do business. Hard facts, national statistics, and happy locals confirm this. It gets even better than that for people who own rental property.



San Diego average percentage of renters is 45%

The National average is 34.2%


San Diego is a hot city for renters. With almost half the population choosing to rent instead of buy, there is typically a wide selection of properties for rent. In areas like downtown San Diego and UTC, you’ll find a larger number of apartments and condos. Areas like Mira Mesa, North Park, and Poway will have more single-family homes. 

In San Diego, you’ll find a wide variety of neighborhoods and suburbs to choose from. Places like Poway and Carmel Valley are popular with families due to the top-notch school systems. Areas like North Park, Pacific Beach, and Downtown are hot spots for young professionals. These tend to be the most walkable neighborhoods as well. 

If you’re looking for detached homes, you’ll find the highest quantity in Serra Mesa, Chula Vista, and up north in Carlsbad. For the highest quantity of apartments and condos, look in neighborhoods like North Park, Downtown San Diego, University Heights, and Pacific Beach. These areas are great if you don’t have a car and prefer to walk to nearby bars and restaurants. 

Since San Diego is a desirable location, many areas rent fairly quickly. This is especially the case for any properties near the beach, i.e. Point Loma, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Carlsbad, etc. These beach areas also tend to be the most expensive. Beach views and proximity can easily tack on a few hundred dollars to the rent price. Other pricey spots include Downtown San Diego and South Park. If you’re on the hunt for more affordable units, check out Chula Vista, La Mesa, and inland North County like Vista, San Marcos, and Escondido. 

Rent prices in San Diego tend to be some of the highest in the nation. All of those desirable factors make it an expensive place to live. One bedrooms tend to rent for $1,500. Two bedrooms will be closed to $2,000-$2,200. You’ll see prices rise in areas like Del Mar, Downtown, La Jolla, and areas close to universities.