DO you want to join the good life team?

If you're looking for an exciting new opportunity in the property management industry, you’ve come to the right place. Our mission at Good Life is to make owning rental property easy. We are passionate about improving lives and everything we do is about helping others and becoming better versions of ourselves. We are always looking for motivated, outgoing individuals to join our team!



What makes a Good Life team member?

Self Motivated: Motivated to do or achieve something because of one's own enthusiasm or interest, without needing pressure from others.
Self Disciplined: Has the ability to control themselves and to make themselves work hard or behave in a particular way without needing anyone else to tell them what to do.
Honest: Sincere and free of deceit.
Helpful: Willing and ready to give help.
Problem Solver: Identifies issues and creates solutions.
Empathetic: The ability to detect other people’s emotions and understand their perspective.
Adaptable: Able to adjust to new conditions.
Resourceful: Having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.
Attention to Detail: The ability to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task.

What position are we hiring for?

The Property Management Associate is responsible for managing our vacant units which includes inspecting for needed repairs, coordinating those repairs, and marketing the property until it is leased. In the off-season, the Property Management Associate also performs walk throughs of occupied properties to check for any needed maintenance or safety issues. A typical day will involve visiting multiple properties to perform inspections and prepare reports, communicating with homeowners and vendors regarding the items found during the inspection, recommending a marketing strategy to the homeowner and monitoring it's performance, and performing quality control checks on vendor/contractor work. You will also need to communicate with tenants and the team regarding tasks and projects.

Expected Results: Meet company goals for days a property is vacant, verifying homes meet our condition standards, and properly processing tenant's security deposits after the move out. 

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