Market Update: San Diego Holds Firm in National Home Price Rankings

February 14, 2024

San Diego's Unwavering Market Performance

In November, the San Diego metropolitan area witnessed an annual home price increase of 8 percent, as reported by the S&P Case-Shiller Indices. This remarkable growth rate places us just behind Detroit, which saw an 8.2 percent increase. This period marked the most significant annual rise in prices since September 2022, underscoring San Diego’s leading position in California, with Los Angeles and San Francisco trailing at 7.2 percent and 2 percent increases, respectively.

Amidst nationwide trends, where home prices rose by an average of 5.4 percent, San Diego stands out for its exceptional growth, reinforcing its status as “America’s Finest City” in the real estate domain. This achievement is particularly notable in a year where the national landscape saw its highest level of price increases in 2023.

Understanding the Driving Forces

The primary catalyst behind this sustained price rise is the critically low inventory levels across the board. With little indication of a significant supply increase in 2024, the market remains poised for continued growth, albeit with an eye on sustainability amidst rising interest rates. High-cost markets, such as San Diego, may face challenges, but drastic price cuts remain unlikely, offering a stable ground for our investment strategies.

A Closer Look at the Numbers

The San Diego County median resale price for single-family homes stood at $925,000 in November. Despite the upward trend in prices, the real estate activity levels tell a complex story, with November home sales being one of the lowest in county history. Interest rates have shown some fluctuation, yet the broader economic conditions and market fundamentals suggest a resilient outlook for our local market.

Investing in San Diego's Future

At Good Life Property Management, our mission is to simplify the journey of owning rental property. Given the current market dynamics, we firmly believe in the value of holding onto your investments in San Diego. The city’s proven track record of growth, combined with our expert management services, positions your investments for success in both the short and long term.

We encourage you to consider the long-term benefits of your real estate investments in San Diego. The city’s strong performance, even in a fluctuating national context, highlights the strategic advantage of investing in our local market.

Thank you for entrusting Good Life Property Management with your property needs. We remain committed to delivering excellence and maximizing your investment returns, guided by the latest market insights and our dedication to your success.

Data Source: S&P Case-Shiller Indices, November 2023

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