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Property Management

Good Life Property Management has become experts in Santee property management over the last 8 years. As a result, we know how to effectively market and manage your Santee home. We find that days on market are average when compared to other areas and vacancy is about average as well. Santee property management can be challenging, but doesn’t have to be with Good Life.

No Eviction Guarantee

If we have to evict a tenant we placed, for non-payment of rent, we will pay for the eviction up to $3,000 (which usually covers all court costs and attorney’s fees)! We will also find a new tenant for free.

good pet guarantee

Good Pet Guarantee

At no additional cost to the owner, we will reimburse damages caused to the home above wear and tear up to $3,000 total.

happiness guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

We stand by our word. If for any reason you are not happy with our service, neither are we. We’ll refund you up to 6-months of paid monthly management fees if you aren’t happy in the first year of service. We’re committed to 100% client satisfaction!

Our Santee Property Management Services


About Santee

Santee is a town in east San Diego with a population of roughly 58,000. It sits between the Pacific Ocean and the mountains of the Cleveland National forest. While it is considered East San Diego, it’s still only 18 miles from the beach! 

Santee is home to San Diego’s main drive-in movie theater, a perfect spot for family move night or date night. Mission Trails regional park is close by. This park provides many trails with beautiful views. Santee is equal parts residential and commercial and has plenty of restaurant options, from Mexican to Thai to American. Be sure to check out one of the awesome breweries in the area, too!

There are many freeway intersections that go through Santee, making it easy to get anywhere within the county. The MTS trolley system also services here. 

How much does Santee property management cost?

Every Santee property manager has their own fee structure. However, we offer house, condo, and/or 2-4 units property management for an 8% monthly management fee. Alternatively, we provide multi-family (5-15 units) property management for a 6% monthly management fee. In addition to monthly management fees, we charge a $595 leasing fee, a $150 annual inspection fee, and a $195 lease renewal fee. To learn more about our Santee property management services and pricing, please visit our Services and Pricing page


How we market your Santee property

When our property management company markets your Santee property, we use the most popular online platforms. In other words, we create listings on websites such as Zillow, Trulia, Hot pads, and more to allow potential renters to easily find your property. We showcase extensive information about your property, including images, amenities, price, and more.

How we help you find the perfect rent price

Our property management company assists you in determining the best rental price for your property by conducting a thorough market analysis. This includes investigating comparable properties in the area, examining current rental market conditions, and taking into account factors such as your property’s location, size, and condition. Based on this analysis, we will recommend a competitive rental price that will assist you in attracting the right tenants for your property.

Furthermore, our property management company will monitor the rental market and adjust the price as needed to ensure that your property remains competitive and generates the desired rental income.

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Tenant Screening

The Good Tenant Screening

At our property management company, we understand the importance of finding the right tenant. That’s why we’ve orchestrated the Good Tenant Screening. This thorough and comprehensive process ensures that we find tenants who are reliable, responsible, and will take care of your property as if it were their own. Our screening process includes credit checks, background checks, previous landlord references, and more. Trust us to take the stress out of finding a tenant and give you peace of mind knowing that your property is in good hands.

Rent Collection

We direct deposit rent to your bank account

We use online rent payment portals, automated reminders, and late payment penalties to make sure that rent is paid on time. We also have a dedicated team who will follow up with tenants who are late on their rent to ensure that payments are received as soon as possible. With us as your property management company, you can rest easy knowing that rent collection is in good hands and that you’ll always be paid on time.


We’ve got your property maintenance covered

There are so many benefits to a well-maintained property; they rent faster, keep tenants happy, and have low turnover. That’s why we’re invested in quality maintenance and inspections of your property. Over the years, we’ve built great relationships with the best vendors in San Diego, so we can make sure your property receives affordable and quality care.

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We make owning rental property easy

Renting your property shouldn’t be a hassle. It should give you a greater abundance of time, money, and energy. We’ve developed a team of A-Players who have made this a reality for over 1,000 San Diego property owners.
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Home Prices

in Santee

Pros of Investing in Santee

Santee is an East County gem with more affordable price points than San Diego proper. It is only a 25-30 minute drive from all of the major attractions in the City plus the perks of more open space, proximity to outdoor activities, and new major commercial and retail developments. Renters tend to stay multiple years in Santee homes as well. Santee has seen an insane amount of value increase the last few years and this trend will likely only continue.

Cons of Investing in Santee

Of course, all the more attractive pricing has led to serious buyer competition and you can expect to bid very quickly and at or above asking price to secure an investment property in Santee. 

What to Avoid in Santee Neighborhoods

When choosing where to buy your investment property, you should be on the lookout for a few things. These things can be a red flag for the kind of area you want to avoid. 

  • Trash in the front or backyard 
  • Vandalism nearby (graffiti, damaged property, etc.) 
  • Multiple vacant homes close by 
  • Poor street light; street feels unsafe
  • Backs up or is close to a major highway or freeway 
  • Foundation issues 

Santee Property Tour

Average Home Price


The median price of a single-family home in Santee – 92071 (year-to-date average)


The median price of condos in Santee – 92071 (year to date)

Average Rent Price

  • 1 bedroom condo prices range as there is newer construction and older construction. Newer 1 beds renting around $1700-$1800/mo. Older 1 beds renting around $1500-$1600.
  • 2 bed condos renting around $2000
  • 2 bed townhouses renting around $2200
  • 3 bed new construction townhouses renting for $2700-$2900
  • 3 bed detached houses renting from $2700-$2900
  • New construction detached houses renting for over $3000/mo. (3 beds+)

Military Partnership

First Month Management Free for Veterans and Active Duty Service Members

We understand that when an active duty military member has to relocate, they often need to find a good Santee property manager quickly. Our team is ready to respond to their needs.

Experts in Education

Your success is our business. That’s why we created the Learning Center, to educate our clients on essential California rental knowledge. Through blogs, videos, e-books and more, we share the most up-to-date information to help you succeed.


Check out our downloadable guides for instant information on land lording in San Diego!


We have a ton of videos on tenant tips and home maintenance that can answer quick questions.


Learn about all things San Diego property management in our expert-run blog.