Rebrand Announcement

Good Life Property Management is happy to announce our new look! Read below to discover what’s new. 

good life property management full logo

Over the past few months, the Good Life team has reflected on everything that our brand has stood for and everything that we aspire to be moving forward.

We are committed to continually adding more value for our clients, creating opportunities for our team, and impacting the lives of everyone we work with in 2023 and beyond.

To memorialize this, we updated our brand with a new logo and fresh new look.

When we sat down to decide what our new brand would look like, we thought about what’s most important to us and everyone we work with. We wanted our new logo to remind people of how they can live the good life–so we chose the San Diego palm tree as our new icon.

The star you see above the palm tree is our North Star. It represents our purpose and what we are constantly striving to do: help people live “life improved”.

As we enter our 10th year as a company, we cannot express enough how grateful we are for our amazing clients, tenants, team, and vendors. Without them, this rebrand would not be possible!

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