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Tenant Resources for Rental Assistance During COVID-19

Olivia Back

With Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading rapidly across the country, we know tenants are concerned about how they will be able to pay rent in the coming months. Many people have been laid off or put on indefinite leave. Unfortunately, the rent and bills keep coming, even in challenging times like this. 

We have spent time researching any and all possible resources for tenants who are affected. Here is what we have found.

United Way of San Diego 

This organization is your main source of assistance. United Way has partnered with SDG&E and the San Diego Foundation to bring relief to those struggling as a result of the COVID-19 spread. They support lower-wage workers who will need rental assistance for a limited period of time. The money raised for this coalition will go to rent, mortgage, and bill payments. 

You can apply for assistance here. 

Unemployment Insurance

Another option if you are out of work is to apply for unemployment insurance. Part of the 2 trillion dollar stimulus package about to be passed by congress is increasing unemployment insurance payments. You may qualify for your full income up to certain income thresholds. You should file as soon as you become unemployed. 

You can apply for unemployment insurance here. 

One Fair Wage

If you are a restaurant, delivery, or service worker, you may be eligible for help through One Fair Wage. They are providing cash assistance to restaurant workers, car service drivers, delivery workers, personal service workers, etc. to help them get through these difficult times. 

Apply for help here. 

Email Your Representative 

You can send a message to your Senate and House representative letting them know you are in need of assistance and urge them to pass the necessary relief bills for rental assistance.

Email them here. 

Search for Help in Your Area is dedicated to finding you help in your area. They break it down by zip code, followed by what area you are seeking help in--work, food, housing, etc. 

Find out where to get help here. 


Additionally, if you are looking to donate to the cause, you can learn more at San Diego Foundation’s website. 

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