Escondido is a great city in the coastal mountains of Southern California. It was established in 1888 (it’s one of the oldest cities in San Diego) and lies roughly 30 miles from downtown San Diego. The city is home to wonderful parks and lakes. If you’re looking to have fun with your family, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is a short drive away. Here, you can see gorillas, cheetahs, rhinos, and more while learning about the animals’ natural habitats.

Escondido has a number of great wineries, such as Bernardo Winery and and Highland Valley Vineyards. It’s also host to Stone Brewing, one of the most popular breweries in San Diego. The city of Escondido has a great art district as well. The San Diego Archaeological Center, Children’s Discovery Museum, and Roynon Museum of Paleontology all reside here and are great places to learn more about our history.

The city has great schools in the area. San Pasqual Union Elementary and Classical Academy are great options for kindergarten through 8th grade. For grades 9-12, check out Classical Academy high school and Escondido Charter high school. For further information on schools in the area, check out this website.

For public transportation, the city has a reliable bus line (Breeze) as well as Sprinter, a European-style light rail that runs along highway 78. There are a number of good schools in the area, both public, private, and charter. The city has the lowest median home cost in the North County area. Rent ranges from around $1350 for a one bedroom and $1660 for a two bedroom.

Home Prices in Escondido

The different neighborhoods within Escondido are vastly different and vary greatly in terms of purchase price. These are the stats as of June 2022 and are the numbers for the year to date. For monthly stats, visit the San Diego Association of Realtors website.

Escondido South 92025: $925,000 SFH; $495,000 Condo
Escondido North 92026: $845,000 SFH; $540,000 Condo
Escondido East 92027: $795,000 SFH; $450,000 Condo
Escondido West 92029: $1,200,000 SFH; $658,500 Condo

Rental Rates in Escondido 

Escondido single family homes rent for around $2,600. Condos in this area are less expensive, coming in at around $1,900-$2,000. The average one bedroom is between $1,600-$1,700. 




Pros of Investing in Escondido Property Management

Positive cash flow is achievable here! It is very likely that Escondido will see development and appreciation due to lower cost of living and space available. 

Cons of Investing in Escondido Property management

There are varying types of neighborhoods in Escondido. You must be familiar with pockets as there are some areas that have higher crime rates. 

Neighborhoods by price Escondido map

Escondido Neighborhoods by Price 

The map above shows the varying prices in Escondido. The darker zones are higher in price whereas lighter zones are less expensive. 

Sample Deals in Escondido

101 S Spruce Street Unit 206 - Full Deal Report 

  • $249,000 purchase price ($57,270 cash needed) 
  • -$33/month cash flow 
  • 3.9% cap rate 
  • -0.7% COC

Great 2B/2BA unit in a popular complex that we manage a couple of units in. This unit just about breaks even and would make for a sound investment in a market that should only appreciate!

918 W 3rd Avenue - Full Deal Report 

  • $515,000 purchase price ($118,450 cash needed) 
  • -$797/month cash flow 
  • 2.7% cap rate 
  • -8.1% COC

How about a freshly renovated 5B/2BA house for just $515,000? Escondido is much more affordable than San Diego proper (for Southern California, at least) and even though the lower rents in Escondido still don't have this property producing positive cash flow, this is a good example of how much further your dollar goes just 30 minutes from the City of SD.


When choosing where to buy your investment property, you should be on the lookout for a few things. These things can be a red flag for the kind of area you want to avoid.

Trash in the front or backyard
Vandalism nearby (graffiti, damaged property, etc.)
Multiple vacant homes close by
Poor street light; street feels unsafe
Backs up or is close to a major highway or freeway
Foundation issues

Escondido Property Management

Good Life Property Management has become experts in Escondido property management over the last 7 years. As a result, we know how to effectively market and manage your Escondido home. We find that days on market are average when compared to other areas and vacancy is about average as well. Escondido property management can be challenging, but doesn’t have to be with Good Life. 

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