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How to Reset GFCI Outlets & the Breaker

Video Transcript

Hey guys! Dave with Good Life Property Management here to talk to you about electrical breakers. If you’re experiencing a power outage to either some outlets in the house or light fixtures, you want to try a couple simple things. First, you may want to try resetting the GFCIs. You’re usually going to find these types of outlets around water fixtures, such as sinks, usually around the kitchen or even around laundry equipment in the garage. All you’ll want to do is just push the reset button on the top and you’re good to go. If resetting the GFCI doesn’t work, you’re going to want to reset the breaker on the main panel. You usually find these either in a closet or sometimes they’re behind a bedroom door or even on the outside of the house near a garage. You’re going to want to find the breaker that’s tripped. In order to reset it, make sure it’s fully in the off position before turning back on. [Demonstrates resetting breaker]. There you go.