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How to Replace HVAC Filters

Video Transcript

Hi! I’m Brent with Good Life Property Management and today I’m going to show you how to change your HVAC and furnace filter. Changing your filters regularly is an inexpensive and simple way to improve indoor air quality keep your system running efficiently, lowering energy costs and in turn saving you money. Filters are typically disposable and made of a biodegradable paper designed to trap airborne debris. It’s important to change your filter every three months or so but you might want to consider more frequent changes if you suffer from allergies on pets or have a large family. The filter is typically located with the new return air duct. This particular system has a door at the bottom while others might require removal of both this top and bottom faceplate. In order to access, it’s important to note the size of your filter along with the airflow. Place your filter in the proper direction and make sure it sits nice and flush with no gaps on the side. Some filter replacements call for locating the return duct usually located in one or more rooms throughout the property, on the ceiling or wall and require removal of this grill in order to replace the filter. You can tell if this is a return duct by peering through the grill to see if there’s currently a filter in place. If so, remove that grill and replace the filter. Thank you for watching our video on the importance of changing your air filter and how to do so. For more information, call the number below or visit our website. Happy breathing!