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Lies, Scams, and Spoofing Alert

We get it, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But identity theft is just plain wrong.

How to tell if you’re getting scammed: 

  1. THEY ASK YOU TO SEND MONEY. We would never – and never have – asked a client or tenant to make a payment on CashApp or Zelle. DO. NOT. SEND. MONEY.
  2. They’re located anywhere other than California. We’re a local team and entirely based in California. If you’re being contacted by someone from another country, it’s a scam.
  3. The individual isn’t using an @goodlifemgmt.com email address. Our team does not email from any other domains, so if someone has set up an alias domain, it’s a scam.
  4. The person you’re taking to can’t be found on our Team Members page. If you can’t find the person you’re taking to on our team members page, it’s a scam.
  5. The message contains broken English. Even though we make some grammar mistakes occasionally, our grammar is generally pretty good. If you’re taking to someone whose writing doesn’t make sense, it’s a scam.

If you still aren’t sure, please drop us a line at clients@goodlifemgmt.com or message us through LinkedIn or Instagram.