How to Shut Off The Water in Your Home

Video Transcript

Hey guys! Mariah with Good Life here. I’m here to show you how to turn off the water if there’s ever a major leak in the home. The pipes are typically located here with in the garage or sometimes on the exterior of the house. This is a water pressure regulator here and just below it you’ll find the valve to turn the water on and off. To turn the water off, you’re just going to take this and push it perpendicular to the hose itself. Turn it back on and you’re going to want to push it back up. Sometimes you’re going to see a gate valve like this. To turn it off you’re going to want to turn it clockwise to the right. To turn it back on, you’re going to want to turn it to the left. Most of the plumbing fixtures within the house have their own shut offs. These are called angle stops. They are typically found underneath the sinks and also under your toilets. [Shows an example]. You’ll see with this and to turn it off you’re going to want to turn it clockwise.