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How to Reprogram Your Garage Keypad

Video Transcript

Hey Good Lifers! Today we’re going to learn how to reprogram your exterior garage keypad. First, check to see if you have battery power. Some remotes may vary based on the motor, but for the most part they’re universal. For this specific universal remote, you press and hold the star and pound button until the light on the keypad stops blinking. It’s a little hard to tell in the sun here but it’s blinking… And it has stopped. Enter a four digit pin of your choice. Press the pound button, then the enter button, then the number of times that corresponds with your garage door motor type. This you may have to look up, however, we do have instructions on this specific keypad. This one is going to be one time. Press and release the zero button. Press and release the learn button one time on the garage door opener. Next we’ll head to the motor itself. This is a yellow button, which corresponded with one time that I already dialed in on the pad. We press the learn button, enter the four digit pin and press and release the enter button until the garage door opener lights and flashes or clicks. We will repeat our desired code. Enter. And we receive that flash. Garage doors will close anytime you push enter. No need to put in the code and let’s see if our program was successful. [Opens garage door with code]. There we have it