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How to Clean the Aerator on Your Faucet

Video Transcript

hey guys! David with Good Life here to show you how to clean out the aerator on a bath faucet. You’ll sometimes even see these on kitchen faucets. The purpose of the aerator is to help conserve water by breaking up the flow of the water. Over time, it will get buildup with sediment like calcium. Especially here in San Diego, where we have really hard water. Over time, you’ll notice that the flow of the water will start to diminish and you’ll start to lose water pressure. Here’s a quick way to fix it. You want to unscrew the housing for the aerator and if you see inside (shows inside of aerator) that’s going to be your mineral build-up. Generally, there’s going to be two parts. There’s going to be either rubber grommet and the screen underneath it. After you’ve cleaned it out, just screw it right back on. Pro tip: you always want to make sure they have the sinks taped up so you don’t lose any parts down the drain.