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Thank you for your interest in Good Life property management. We look forward to earning your business!

Full Service Property Management

Just 8% of Rent! Only $350 to Find a Great Tenant!

Here is an overview of how our property management service works:

  1. Property Consultation
    • Initial property consultation – This is a no obligation meeting at the property to address your needs, goals, and concerns. We also make recommendations on what need to be done to the property to ensure it leases in a timely fashion.
    • Rental valuation – We research the most current comparable's in your market and provide you the current market price for your rental.
    • Establish a timeline – Based on our meeting, we will give you a timeline of when you can expect certain goals to be accomplished including property turnover, advertising, & leasing.
  2. Turnover
    • Based on our initial meeting with you, we then contract out our preferred vendors to bid and perform the work needed to make the home "rent ready".
    • We oversee that the work is performed in a timely fashion and professional manner.
    • Once work is complete, we will pay for the work from your property account and keep accurate accounting records.
  3. Marketing
    • Take professional looking photos
    • Create a video tour
    • Create professional looking online advertisement
    • Ad sent to owner for review
    • Syndicate ad to all our preferred online advertising sites
    • Professional signage
  4. Showings
    • Agent showings
    • Self service showings via our digital lockboxes means your home is shown more and rents faster
    • Regular property visits to spruce up vacant properties
  5. Tenant Screening
    • FICO Credit Score
    • Nationwide Eviction Search
    • Nationwide Criminal Search
    • Employment verification
    • Previous Landlord Reference Checks
    • All clients receive Eviction Protection. If we must evict a tenant approved by our company, we will pay for the cost of the eviction up to $1200. This usually covers all attorneys fees and court costs in a normal eviction.
  6. Lease Signing & Move In
    • Lease negotiations
    • Draft tailored lease agreement
    • Lease signing
    • Collect move in funds
    • Move in condition assessment
    • Move in condition photos
    • Post move in follow up with tenant
  7. Monthly Statements and Rent Deposit
    • Income/Expense Statements emailed each month
    • Monthly direct deposit of rents
    • 24/7 access to online owner portal
  8. Lease Renewal
    • Research market rent
    • Review tenant file
    • Execute renewal contract

Leasing Only Service

Just 1/2 One Month's Rent, Min. $1250

Do you have a vacancy you need filled fast? Let the professionals at Good Life PM work their magic! Our Leasing Only service provides the following:

  1. Initial property consultation – This is a no obligation meeting at the property to address your needs, goals, and concerns.
    • Positioning the property – We make recommendations on what needs to be done to the property to ensure it leases in a timely fashion and for top dollar.
    • Rental valuation – We research the most current comparable's and give you our opinion of rental value.
    • Set a leasing goal – We set a target date for when we expect to lease the property, based on the market price and current market conditions.
  2. Professional looking photos
  3. Advertising – We list your property on many of the top rental websites!
  4. Signage – Professional signage created to solicit calls from interested renters.
  5. Prospect call screening
  6. Showing of your unit – One of our qualified team members will set appointments with qualified prospects to show your unit.
  7. Bi-weekly updates – You will be updated on the progress every Tuesday and Friday. More often if warranted.
  8. Tenant Screening- Once an application is received we screen the applicants for:
    • FICO Credit Score
    • Nationwide Eviction Search
    • Nationwide Criminal Search
    • Employment verification
    • Rental Reference verification
  9. Lease negotiations
  10. Prepare lease and guide you and new tenant through the leasing contract.
  11. Create Electronic lease packet which includes:
    • Lease document
    • Applicable addendums
    • Applications with Photo ID's

Our Leasing Only service is just 50% of one month's rent (min $1250). No money is due upfront. We only get paid when you do!

Services provided for the leasing fee

Leasing your property is a four step process:
Step #1- Property setup and make ready process

  • Account setup
  • Introduction call to owner with confirmation of next steps
  • Insurance confirmation and agent referrals
  • Utilities setup
  • HOA account setup (if applicable)
  • HOA rules compliance (if applicable)
  • Detailed property review
  • Property liability analysis
  • Create list of necessary repairs
  • Property condition video
  • Communicate needed repairs with owner
  • Request bids for needed work
  • Vendor negotiation
  • Hire vendors and sign contracts for service
  • Ensure work is completed properly
  • Client can ACH funds for repairs, for free
  • Payment of bills

Step #2- Property Marketing

  • Professional looking photos
  • Video walkthrough
  • Ad design
  • Syndication to many of the top rental websites
  • Showings 7 days a week via Agent showings and self service showings via digital lockbox
  • Inbound lead capture
  • Owner URL with live feed detailing number of calls, emails, showings, and tenant feedback
  • Regular property checks

Step #3- Application Screening

  • Applicants run through our Good Tenant Screening System
  • Credit check
  • Credit report analyzed
  • Eviction report
  • Criminal report
  • Income analysis
  • Current and previous landlords called and information verified
  • Applicant approval or denial letters sent

Step #4- Leasing

  • Lease negotiation
  • Lease creation
  • Lease signing
  • Mandated disclosures given to tenant
  • HOA move in coordination (if applicable)
  • Utility change confirmation
  • Lease shared on owner portal
  • Deposit of move in funds into trust account
  • Move in accounting completed and shared with owner
  • Owner funds direct deposited to owner's account
  • Move in walkthrough completed with photos
  • Welcome email sent to tenant with important property information
  • Move in gift for tenant
  • Move in follow up call to tenant, to ensure all is well and answer questions

Our leasing fee is $350 and is not paid until the property is leased.

Services provided for the management fee

The monthly management fee includes the following services:

  • Our management systems, processes, and expertise
  • A dedicated, licensed property manager
  • Tenant's questions answered and complaints resolved
  • Detailed notes kept on all tenant communication
  • 24/7 Maintenance coordination
  • 24/7 after hours emergency maintenance with a live person
  • Onsite property visits in emergency situations
  • Detailed notes kept on all repair issues
  • Before and after photos of repairs
  • Work orders and copies of invoices
  • Vendor management
  • Utilities management
  • FTB tax reporting (required for out of state owners)
  • Initial Property Evaluation with condition report (for occupied properties)
  • HOA communication and rules compliance (if applicable)
  • Lease violation enforcement
  • Tenant change management
  • Communication with neighbors
  • Posting of late rent and lease violation notices
  • Move in inspections
  • Move out inspections
  • Review tenant file for complaints, issues, & late payments
  • Complete a market survey of rents
  • Lease renewal review
  • Draft lease renewal offer and communicate offer to tenant
  • Execute renewal contract and share on owner and tenant portal
  • Deposit disposition
  • Deposit dispute resolution
  • $1200 eviction protection guarantee (included free)
  • A dedicated property accountant handles all your accounting
  • Payment of recurring and non-recurring bills
  • Accurate monthly accounting
  • Monthly and year end property accounting
  • Year end statements for tax preparation
  • Direct deposit of monthly rent
  • Access to owner portal; make payments, store leases, view inspection reports
  • Access to the best attorneys

Management fee 8% of collected rent, min $150 p/mo.

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