Common Questions About Selling Your Home

Whats my home worth?

We will run a detailed comparative market analysis based on nearby properties with similar features that have recently sold, were pulled off the market, expired, and are actively listed to provide our professional opinion of the value of your property. Other important factors include the specific location of your property, the time of year, and if you are listing while still tenant occupied. Properties that are vacant and professionally stage will generally command at least 5% more than tenant occupied ones.


What are the costs associated with selling my home?

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that selling their property generally costs 7-10% of the total sales price! GL Realty offers our management clients a discounted listing fee of only 2% and a standard commission to the buyers agent of 2.5%. You can expect another $1500-$4000 for professional staging and marketing photos (depending on the size), 1-3 months of vacancy costs such as mortgage payments and utilities, property repairs before listing or for concessions to the buyer, and various closing costs from the title and escrow companies. GL Realty will provide you with a complimentary estimated seller net sheet detailing all these expenses so you can prepare for them ahead of time.


When is the best time to sell?

Generally, the best time to sell in San Diego is early April. However the selling season in San Diego is March-September, so any of these months is usually preferred. Waiting to list until the "perfect time" may or may not make sense depending on your situation. For example, if the tenant's lease is coming due, it is better to schedule the listing after the tenant moves out, especially if the move out is during the peak selling season. Thursday is generally the preferred day to list as it is the day Agents can view the listing for their clients prior to weekend showings.


Can I sell with a tenant in the property?

Great question! This page goes into detail about selling with a tenant in place.


How long will it take to sell?
The average days on market is constantly changing and area-specific. Please check with our office to get the most updated average days on the market for your area. When it is a "seller's market" average days on market is usually below 30 days. When it's a buyer market, average days on market is usually above 30 days. If your home does not get any serious offers in the first 30 days, that generally means the market has rejected the price based on the current condition of the home.


What repairs will I need to make before I sell?

Structural and Mechanical Repairs

  • Roof repairs
  • Wiring or Electrical Issues
    • GFCI outlets are operable
    • Electrical panel functions & in nice condition
  • HVAC system 
    • New Filter
    • An HVAC Tune-up
  • water heater
  • Plumbing pipes
  • Doors and windows should be secure and operable
  • No irrigation or drainage issues
  • Chimney cleaning/sweep & inspection

Exterior Repairs 

  • Landscape should be green and well maintained, with no signs of weeds or overgrowth
  • Signs of wood rot or termite damage
  • Exterior painting
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Signs of pests issues

Interior Repairs

  • Fresh coat of painting on walls, doors, and trims
  • Replace or refinish flooring throughout the home
  • Matching light bulbs or new light fixtures
  • Clean and new outlet covers
  • New caulking around sinks, plumbing fixtures, showers & tubs
  • Re-grouting around any tile areas

Kitchen Improvements

  • Consider upgrading or renovating the kitchen to add value to the home
  • Replace or repaint cabinets and add new knobs
  • Replace or resurface countertops and backsplash
  • Replace kitchen appliances with new


What is your process?

You can read about our sales process in our comprehensive GL Realty sales guide