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How to Hire a San Diego Property Management Company in 4 Easy Steps

Struggling to hire a San Diego property manager?

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Good Life Property Management has created your go-to checklist for hiring the San Diego property management company for your needs.



1. Select 2-3 Companies

There are two main ways people find property management companies: online and via referrals. If you have a friend or family member that uses property management or real estate agents, check with them for any recommendations.

2. Online Reputation Check

Next, you'll want to check their online reputation on Google and Yelp. Don't consider any companies with less than 4 stars. 

3. Phone Call Test

This is an easy way to see how responsive a property management company is. Call them during business hours and see if they answer. You might think this isn't that important, but we have found that only 20% of companies typically pick up the phone.

4. 10 Must-Ask Interview Questions

You likely have your own questions you want to ask your potential property manager. Consider adding in these important questions, too.



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