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When we sign your referral, we donate $200 to Wine to Water. This organization is dedicated to providing clean water to those that need it most. This $200 will provide water filters for multiple families in the Dominican Republic, Nepal, Colombia, and East Africa. The filters themselves will provide clean water to the families for 10 years.

You can learn more at 

See the impact you can make! 




DONATE: Contribute any size donation to help out the organization. 

HOST A FILTER BUILD: Whether you have a group of 25 or 200, you can host a filter build and help Wine to Water bring clean water to people. 

FUNDRAISING: Host a wine tasting or open a lemonade stand. 

JOIN YOUR LOCAL CHAPTER: There are Wine to Water chapters all across the US that you can join. Don't see one in your area? Start one! 

SERVE WITH THEM: Interested in going out in the field and making a difference first-hand? You can join Wine to Water and volunteer in the countries that need their help.