Why Work with Good Life Property Management to Manage My San Diego Property?

At Good Life Property Management, we manage single family homes, condos and small apartment buildings for San Diego landlords. Today, we’re sharing some reasons that you would want to work with us. There are lots of great things we do, but we want to highlight three service guarantees that make us a little different and provide extra value for San Diego owners.

Leasing Guarantee

Our first guarantee is a leasing guarantee. We guarantee that we will rent your property within 30 days to a qualified tenant who meets all of our screening criteria and at a fair market rent. If we don’t, you won’t pay us a leasing fee. We think we should be paid when we do well, and if we don’t live up to your expectations, we shouldn’t earn that commission. This is how we show owners that we will do what we say we will do and we’ll hold ourselves accountable for doing a great job upfront.

Eviction Protection Guarantee

Eviction protection is a guarantee we offer free of change. If a tenant stops paying rent, we will pay for the eviction up to $1,200, which usually covers all the court costs and attorney fees in a normal eviction proceeding. Sometimes the eviction can cost more than that if excess damage is discovered or unpaid rent adds up, but we are proud to offer something. Very few management companies offer monetary assistance when you need to evict a tenant. We want to show owners that we’re accountable to picking good tenants and if we don’t, we’ll share in that pain.

Happiness Guarantee

My favorite guarantee is the Happiness Guarantee. We know you’ll be satisfied and happy with our services. But if you’re not let us know and we’ll work hard to make it right. If we can’t we’ll credit you that month’s management fee. If you ever want out of the agreement, you can cancel free of penalties or fees. We want to have a good relationship and we want you to be comfortable with your choice, and if you don’t think we’re living up to expectations, a 30-day notice terminates our Why Work with Good Life Property Management to Manage My San Diego Propertyagreement and there’s never a cancellation fee when you’re dissatisfied.

If you have any questions about our San Diego property management services, please contact us at Good Life Property Management.

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