What Color to Paint When Putting Your Property For Rent

A huge step in preparing your rental for market, is painting. The best tenants can rent anywhere, so in order to attract the best tenants, you have to have a great product. The paint you choose goes a long way in helping you attract a top quality tenant.

Using all white is a turn off to most renters, especially if you have white cabinets, floors, or countertops. While everyone has their own taste, it is wise to go with a neutral color that will appeal to a wide range of potential tenants. This is a color I like and use often:

beige paint

It is called “Steve Welty1” and can be purchased a Frazee. While everyone may not like this color for their home, chances are you will appeal to more prospects, than you will with white. You want to stay away from very vibrant colors like orange or yellow. Your property manager will probably have a standard color they use, so find out what it is and make sure it makes sense for your rental property. Stay neutral and stay in the game!

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