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Olivia Back
Why You Should Allow Pets in Your Rental Property

It’s no secret that people love their pets, often making them honorary family..

Olivia Back
Why You Shouldn’t List Your Home While You Have Tenants

Many landlords and investors alike want to list their home on the rental market..

Olivia Back
What to Consider Before Raising the Rent During COVID-19

In recent months, the nation has experienced a change unlike anything we have..

Olivia Back
How to Write a Great Rental Listing

Getting your property rented quickly is crucial to securing good tenants and..

Olivia Back
How to Set the Best Rental Price for Your Property

Setting the best price for your rental property is crucial to getting your..

Olivia Back
5 Home Improvements That Aren't Worth the Money

Home improvements are always a hot topic with property owners. There are..

Olivia Back
Pros and Cons of Rent Control

The subject of rent control has become increasingly popular over the last..

Olivia Back
Tips for an Easy Property Turnover

Getting your home ready for a new tenant is very important. It affects how..

Olivia Back
How to Maintain a Good Relationship With Your Tenants

Getting a good tenant is one of the primary goals for many landlords. When you..

Olivia Back
Should Your Accessory Dwelling Unit Be a Short-Term or Long-Term Rental?

Deciding to rent your accessory dwelling unit is a great decision. For..

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