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Steve Welty
How Has COVID-19 Affected the San Diego Real Estate Market?

The real estate market has experienced some changes as a result of COVID-19...

Steve Welty
A New Playbook for Today’s Best Leaders: A Conversation with David Cuthbert of Wine to Water

I spoke with the CEO of Wine to Water, David Cuthbert about the evolution of..

Steve Welty
The Seven Philosophies of Good Life Property Management

Today I want to share with you the philosophies of Good Life. I had my team..

Steve Welty
Three Ideas That Changed My Life

I wanted to give you 3 ideas that changed my life for the positive in hopes..

Steve Welty
Is Making Money Killing Your Business?

To listen to the full podcast episode, click here.

While I wish I could say I..

Steve Welty
Rent vs. Sell Analysis: What to Consider Before Making a Decision

There are qualitative and quantitative factors you need to consider when making..

Steve Welty
What to Look Out for During a Preventative Maintenance Walkthrough of Your Rental Property

San Diego landlords are often asking me about what they should look for when..

Steve Welty
7 Common Ways to Hold Title to Real Estate in San Diego, CA


Should I put my house in a trust or LLC? This is a question we hear a..
Steve Welty
Should I Buy a Home Warranty for My Investment Property in San Diego, CA?




When you buy a house for your personal residence, obtaining a home..

Steve Welty
Emotional Support Animal Laws: Regulations on Allowing Service Animals in San Diego Rental Properties



DISCLAIMER: Please check with your attorney regarding all matters..

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