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Olivia Back
The Best San Diego Neighborhoods to Invest In

San Diego is often voted one of the best places to live. After all, who doesn’t..

Olivia Back
Rent Like a Pro: How to Make Your Rental Application Stand Out

Finding a rental in San Diego can feel like an impossible task. Properties are..

Olivia Back
Service Animals & Emotional Support Animals: What Landlords Need to Know

When screening applicants for your rental property, you may run across one who..

Olivia Back
The Definitive Guide to Espresso Martinis in San Diego, CA

The espresso martini has become the “it” drink of the 2020s. Restaurants and..

Olivia Back
What to Do When Your Tenant Doesn't Pay Rent

Whether this is the first time you’ve experienced a late payment or you have a..

Olivia Back
How to Raise Your Tenant's Rent -- The Right Way

Raising your tenant’s rent can be a tricky process. It’s important to keep your..

Olivia Back
Renovating Your Rental Property: Tips and Design Trends

Renovating your rental property to maintain its aesthetic appeal and..

Olivia Back
Best New Bars and Restaurants in San Diego

San Diego has a sprawling food scene and new restaurants and bars are popping..

Olivia Back
5 Quick Tips for First-Time Landlords

So you’ve decided to rent out your property! Now what? Managing a rental..

Olivia Back
Why Routine Maintenance is Important for Your Rental Property

If you’re looking for a way to make your tenants happy while saving money on..

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