5 Questions You Should Ask a San Diego Property Manager

When interviewing a property manager for your San Diego rental property, there are a few questions San Diego landlords should ask. If I was hiring a property manager for one of my investments, these are the five topics I would cover.

Owner Involvement

What kind of involvement do I have as an owner, and what decisions do I get to make? This is an important question because not every management company is right for every owner. If you want a lot of involvement, where you pick the tenant and collect the rent, and know about all maintenance issues up front, you want to be sure the management company you’re talking to can provide that for you. Some companies prefer to work with owners who want to be very hands-off.

Property Inspections

Ask for a list of their periodic inspections. This is a canary in a coal mine kind of question because when property management companies get busy, one of the first things that falls behind is their inspections. So, ask how busy they are and see if they have a list of overdue inspections.

Average Days on Market

Ask about average days on market for rental properties. Look at the month prior and the year prior. If they don’t have this data available, they’re probably not serious about it, and they aren’t tracking their numbers to improve.

Preparing for the Rental Market

You’ll want to know how long it will take to make your house rent ready, and what it will cost. A good property manager can give you a general answer. If not, be cautious.

Operations Manual

Ask to see a copy of their operations manual. Their sales manager or property manager should be able to show you this if they have taken the time to detail out the steps of their property management process. If they don’t have a manual and it’s all in their head, they probably aren’t serious about their business. You need consistent procedures that are written and documented. This isn’t the same as having policies and procedures 5 Questions You Should Ask a San Diego Property Managerwritten down; it’s an operations manual that shows each step – from leasing, to tenant move outs.

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