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Why hire a property manager?

When an investor employs the services of a property management company to maintain their property, it gives them time to attend to other business where they can earn more income.

A reputable property management company should minimize on expenses while maximizing on profits. Some of the duties include handling contract issues with tenants, maintaining accounting records, finding qualifying tenants, rent collection, overseeing legal tasks of the property, performing maintenance services and managing property turnover between tenants. Services provided by a management company are not specific to every property as each issue that comes up needs to be handled uniquely.

Other tasks of a residential property management company include advising the property owner of other available property they could buy, evaluating the real estate property, bidding on behalf of the landlord, handling financial transactions on their behalf, handling contracts with tenants, using housekeeping, landscaping and maintaining contractors to improve the appearance of the property among other duties. In brief, the management company’s role is to meet individual needs of the property owner. To provide impeccable services, there is need for a manager to be acquainted with real estate law. This way, they will be well informed of implications of law when things go beyond mutual agreement.

Property management companies may comprise of a team of professionals or a single person. There are companies that can manage several investors’ properties or a single investor with numerous estates. In some instances, one company can handle several properties belonging to several or single entities. In some states, property managers must have licenses to work. In that case, property management certifications are available to individuals and companies.

For investors without the knowledge of property management, the key is to establish a close relationship with the company as well as its representatives. This is because once a stable relationship begins it may be an endless one depending on the mutual understanding between the two parties. In this case, both parties must be honest and flexible. At the same time, it is the duty of the company to give all valuable information to the property owner.